About me

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and making time to see my work.
My name is Alena Minar and I am lifestyle photographer and copywriter. I am passionate about aesthetics and making everyday moments memorable and special occasions unforgettable.

I travel between Czech Republic and Belgium (Leuven, where my husband pursues his PhD) and I am happy to meet you at a place of your choice to capture your big day. We can communicate in English, Spanish, French or Czech. My Dutch is so far at a beginner level.
I’d love to capture part of your story and make the true emotions stand out. I believe that these cherished memories bring people closer and help to revive the joy.
I will be happy to help you prepare also other aspects of your unique event as décor, graphic design or styling. I had the pleasure to develop these skills as a part of the production team during regular international dance events since 2013 and I keep on learning. In case of interest please contact me for examples of my work and further details.

When I’m not working on my creative projects I love to dance. This passion brought to my life my husband and many important people who make my life more colourful.